#JoyOfReading: Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown; Pictures by Clement Hurd

The first book I bought my baby who was barely 1 year old was I Heard A Little Baa. Goodnight Moon was book #2. And what an amazing start to reading for my little girl and me!

I love so many things about this book – the rhyming words, the detail in the illustration, the zooming in and out of little things in the room, the subtle changes as bedtime approaches, the slow and steady goodnight’s that set the slow path to dreamland. And the lights – the light glowing brightly and fading softly, the shadows and the stars….The illustrations are beautiful with so much intricate detail and its so amazing that the bunny who tells the story is never mentioned but always the central character.

Its been read and slept with many a time – A highly recommended read!

P.S: Watch the little mouse through the story – like all the other characters, he has his own little bedtime routine which is lovely to watch


Above is our cherished (= tattered from love ) copy of Goodnight Moon 🙂

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