#JoyOfReading: I Heard A Little Baa

I Heard A Little Baa by Elizabeth MacLeod; Illustrations by Louise Phillips

This was THE first book I bought my baby girl when she was barely 1 year old. A few people found it crazy as I read and re-read this book in animated style to my wide eyed little doll. Ever since, we must have cuddled together in bed and read it more than 50 times (as is visible from the worn out sides).

I loved the simple words, the colorful illustrations, the ability to educate and the warm surprises on each alternate page. Every time I read this book, I can spot a new item to talk about, whether its paws or purrs or twigs and trees, it packs in a lot for babies to learn from. I personally love that it rhymes throughout so in my true sing-song style I can keep it entertaining throughout. Overall, I Heard A Little Baa is a great start to a child’s reading journey!

Thank you Elizabeth MacLeod and Louise Phillips for this treasure. Although my baby is now a little girl, we both cherish this dearly. It holds a special place in our overflowing bookshelf enjoying its spot in the favorites section. I’m sure in my old age when my nest is empty, I will fondly leaf through this book and reminiscence teaching my little one her first few words.

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