#JoyOfReading: The Arnold Lobel Treasury

The Arnold Lobel Treasury by Arnold Lobel

Another one of our favorite books – Four lovely stories with illustrations that transport you to another world. This collection has four books – all heartwarming tales of family and friendship, of discovery and adventure which any little child will love.

  • The Bears of the Air
  • Prince Bertram the Bad
  • The Great Blueness
  • The Man Who Took the Indoors Out

My very clear favorite is Prince Bertram the Bad -A story of a naughty little boy whose bad behavior gets him into trouble and his story allows for great reflection. My little girl who often finds herself in reasonable mischief, always has a soft spot for Prince Bertram and she reflects along with him as he finds his way back to happiness.


The next one in my (our) order of preference is The Great Blueness  – Beautifully illustrated and very insightful , a story that takes you through the discovery of colors. A little hack I have is to play seek and find with various characters in the illustrations so my daughter doesn’t just listen to the story but starts to look through the intricate illustrations.


Third in the list is The Bears of the Air – this is a classic story of how adults know the ‘right way to do things’ and how children often teach you otherwise. Four little bears who show grumpy old grandfather bear how their talents were also ‘fine and useful things for a bear to do’.


Last and no way the least is the story of The Man Who Took The Indoors Out – I found this one a bit complicated for a toddler to follow but its a beautiful play of words and a very useful story to expand your child’s vocabulary.

I hope you love reading these as much as we did!

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