Kid+Movie Theatre+Non Kids Movie = What were you thinking??

Yep, we have all been there. In the theater, watching that movie (someone getting punched in the head or having his guts torn out), and wincing in pain to see a kid watching the same thing.

My top three guesses of what the parents were thinking are:
a. They didn’t know what to do with the kids/ couldn’t leave them behind so decided to bring them along
b. They didn’t review the movie beforehand so didn’t expect inappropriate content
c. Their family friends said they took their kids along so clearly it was ok to do so too

I’m confident there can be no logical reason why a child is brought along to be watching Kill Bill, Underworld: Blood Wars, Raaes, Housefull or the likes. And it’s not just applicable with movies with explicit scenes involving blood, gore, violence, nudity, language or sexual content. Today 90% of movies have some form of violence or sexual content –  it doesn’t need someone running around naked or with a machete to be deemed inappropriate.

So parents, if you are going to drag your child with you to a watch a non kids movie in the theater (which is already a place to catch germs quickly, piss off many other folks when your kid keeps kicking the seat in front, bad for your child’s brain and probably going to give your child lasting nightmares), make sure you have seen the movie already yourself. No one else will be the judge for what your kid will be able to handle. Or make sure its a kids movie – Disney has plenty to choose from. Pause and at least ask yourself the million dollar question – “After we watch this movie, what will my kids be thinking?”

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