Making Memories

“A life-long blessing for children is to fill them with warm memories of times together. Happy memories become treasures in the heart to pull out on the tough days of adulthood.” Charlotte Kasl

What would you like your child to remember of their childhood?

Think back on your own – vague fragments of events, stitched together haphazardly define how you remember your growing years. What stitches it together – love, togetherness, fear, hardship, hope …..? What would you like your child to remember of their childhood?

In past years I’ve often woken up on a Monday morning, wondering where the weekend went. And with it, all those ambitious plans made during the work week of what I would get done on the weekend. Over time I learnt a ‘good weekend’ doesn’t just happen. It takes a determined focus to use a weekend well. I’ve been pre-planning weekends for over 3 years now – 20 minutes on a Wednesday to decided what will be accomplished over the coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday makes a huge difference to how satisfied I feel when the weekend ends.

After Mini Me was born, I was acutely aware of the deep desire to grasp all the time I have with her, leaving with her enough love and experience to grow into a confident, self-aware adult. I realized that there were so many areas that I wanted her to benefit from, that left to chance, just like weekends, the weeks would fold into months and soon the year would be gone.

I started with small steps – planning 2 weekends in advance, knowing what I would do, where we would be going, who would be involved and more. Obviously illness, emergencies, visitors and other unexpected events often changed plans but it was satisfying for me and very structured for Mini Me.

This year, I took a step back and I thought about all the goals I would have liked to achieve with Mini Me in 2017. I started defining them, large and small – till I arrived at a ‘list’..

> Academic – Reinforcing concepts learnt at school (translates into weekend study time, educational resources that are also games / toys, educational videos..)
> Spiritual – Helping Mini Me discover her personal relationship with God and prayer (translates into attending church regularly, participating in Sunday School, Mini Me’s own children’s bible story time..)
> Physical – Finding ways for her to keep herself active and healthy (translates into discussing with her activities she would like to do badminton, park time, singing..)
> Relationships – Building strong bonds around Mini Me (translates into identifying friends who she likes, staying connected with family members, making an effort to be part of special occasions like birthdays and parties etc.)
> Making Memories – Shared experiences and my legacy of love with Mini Me (translates into daily walks to school, daily story time and cuddling in bed, Saturday lunch dates at a favorite restaurant, movies with Mama, and other Mama and baby experiences like learning how to swim together)

This remains my guide to plan weekends – and while we often deviate entirely to explore something outside it, it really helps me to assess how I am doing on my personal goals of giving her a well-rounded experience. While I know that she may remember very little, I also know that I won’t look back and wish I had done more for her to cherish…..

What memories are you making?

“Build traditions of family vacations and trips and outings. These memories will never be forgotten by your children.” Ezra Taft Benson

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