Till Forever…

“A mom’s hug lasts long after she lets go.” >> Unknown

It’s the big day – first day of play school. You hand over your little one in faith to someone else and hang around nervously outside the gates.

It’s the big day – the last day of nursery. You clap and cheer for every word that tumbles out of your baby’s mouth. You emotionally thank the teachers for their love and kindness.

It’s the big day – the parent interview with the new school for kindergarten. You ask every parent you know what they were asked and prepare for 50 different questions. Obviously you wear your Sunday best and look very motherly as you walk in.

It’s the big day – first day of kindergarten. You convince a nervous toddler that she is going to be just fine and hide your nervousness as you try to make friends with a few other moms outside the gates.

It’s the big day – first birthday inviting classmates and playmates. You painstakingly make an invite list, research cake themes, room decor, snacks, return gifts, party venues, kids games, photographer. The last item finalized in frenzy before the party begins is often related to you – your dress, your needs – because you are so busy getting it right for your baby doll.

It’s the big day – open house to showcase your child’s talents. You enquire with the class teacher about emotional, physical, mental development checking off all doubts that your child is growing normally and silently compare your child’s work with the other kids.

It’s the big day –  first public dance performance. You watch YouTube videos to prepare your child in advance so she knows the lyrics and is familiar with the music. You dance along at home in an effort to instill confidence and give her an extra advantage.

It’s the big day – sports day. You watch in poorly concealed delight as your child wins the race or in masked disappointment as your child is the one lagging behind. Of course you smile, clap and videotape every movement including panning the camera around to show the school and surroundings clearly.

It’s the big day – first picnic. You pray the previous night for God to help the teacher not lose your child. After 5 repetitions to not wander away from the teacher and class (and perhaps secretly pinning a note inside the tunic with your mobile number) you leave your precious bundle, picnic basket and all at the gate and spend the rest of the day in agony fending away horrible thoughts.

It’s another big day…….

Mom’s never stop. They never stop learning, never stop teaching, never stop giving – it’s always a first day , a first time, a last day, a last time….from now  till forever. #GiftTheLight

(Mini Me & Mama – I love you both to the moon and back. Anything with you in it is always a big day for me)


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