Searching in the darkness..

“When you can’t look on the bright side, I will sit with you in the dark.” 


All of us go through bad times, tough times, times we don’t want to ever face. The only difference is that some of us are dragged through it kicking and screaming, while the rest of us eventually stand up and fight. And we all make it out the other side – some in acceptance, some in denial, some patched up and some still shattered.

I’ve often wondered what value all the pain I went through has had – would it be stored in the archives of my mind, to be revealed as a grandparents’ memory much later to curious children or would it find its way out as bitterness or love? I realized soon that while I didn’t choose the pain, I could choose the outcome. I could look back at the tough times and take from it only the learning’s. I could be the light I was looking for in the darkness.

Dig deep into your wounds – what does that loss reveal? Which part of you was at its miserable worst and which part of you was its shining best? Were your self-proclaimed biggest strengths standing by you or did they crumble under the first sign of pressure? Did you respond in a turmoil of anger and bitterness or with control and grace? Who was still around to listen to your troubles and who was impatient to get back to their good life? Are you courageous enough to look at your own past experiences without falling into the inviting sea of self-pity?

The beautiful thing about the darkness is that it reveals so much. It chases away the shadows that were wrapped around you – shadows of who we think we are, who our friends are, who we could be, who we should be. What’s left is a crystal clear knowledge of loss and gain.

Today you may be someone struggling with loss or oblivious with contentment. Keep looking towards the light but don’t forget what you learnt from the darkness. #GiftTheLight

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