Listen….The Universe Is Speaking To You.

“God gave us mouths that close and ears that don’t… that should tell us something.”


So many of us go through life searching for meaning. Seeking an answer to something we could not comprehend, or without comprehending could not accept, or without accepting could not let go off. That broken relationship, that terrible mistake, that heart breaking loss, that failure of a job, the betrayal of trust, the trauma of crime, the senseless hatred, the desperate loneliness……Seeking answers and solutions from the universe around us.

Surely there must be a reason to why we go through some things in life, we think. Surely there must be a reason why we experience the joys and pains we do.  And as sure as we are when we start our search, that’s as confused we get as time passes. Then after all the searching, we reach that disappointing realization that we may have to accept the crushing reality that the universe doesn’t have any answers for us.

We invent ways to cut out the deafening noise of the unease that keeps swarming our thoughts, finding ways to create more noise. Finding ways to drown out these unanswered questions that plague us. All the time not knowing, that the universe has placed all of its answers within us.

In my time as a coach, I have encountered numerous people with numerous questions – questions which remain with them lifelong, some as nagging doubts, some which turn their lives upside down as screaming accusations and others which come and go as the tides turn. As we work through the fulfillment model of coaching, stripping away masks and baggage and fears, we enter a phase of stillness, a phase where the answers are waiting to be found.

Its hard work to navigate through the complexities of our own minds, embracing our strengths, acknowledging our blessings, facing our fears and our shame, digging deeper into our own unknown. I personally find it a sacred and life affirming moment when I see my clients access their deepest being to find what they have spent so long searching for – a privilege that I get to share with them in their beautiful journey to self discovery.

The journey is long but like all good journeys, there are surprises along the way and destination is well worth the effort. Not everyone finds their answers immediately – the more painful the questions, the more hidden are the answers. However, in the process, everyone does unravel strengths they never knew they had, a gratitude they never experienced and a peace they  didn’t know existed.

Sometimes when we are seeking our deepest answers to life and its quirks, it just needs a quiet stillness and a strong intent to be accessed. So the next time you hear a question in your heart, know that the answer is within you and in looking inwards you will find what you are seeking. Keep Searching, Keep Listening (To You). #GiftTheLight

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