#JoyOfReading: Rosie Revere Engineer

Rosie Revere Engineer by Andrea Beaty

#bestbooksforlittlegirls  #persistence #passion

If you are looking to teach your little one perseverance, this is a gem of a book.

Join little Rosie as she follows her dreams in secret, facing failure and defeat and learning to overcome them in her own wonderful style. The best part of the journey with this book was watching my own little girl immerse herself in Rosie’s emotions and relate to her own trials and successes. I love the illustrations, the rhyming verses, the clever description and the moral of this story. It entertains, it educates and it inspires!

Children have so many little hurdles to cross, so much to learn – From their first attempts at feeding themselves, to building teetering block towers, from the first cycle ride to the first shoelaces tied, their little trials are often taken for granted by parents. We can be better parents by empathizing with their growing sense of independence, coupled with their limited motor skills and unbridled passion.

Rosie Revere Engineer.JPG

Samuel Johnson once said “Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance”. One way of teaching your little one that message is through Rosie Revere Engineer! #giftthelight

P.S: …and of course your child will want to be an engineer immediately 🙂


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