Journeying To The Depths Of Despair…..

“It’s easy to lose sight of God when life is sweet and easy, but there is something awesome about despair, and it is the closeness of God when we are at our weakest.”                                              Kristin Armstrong


There is this place in every person’s life, this place so deep and dark, it can be hard to find your way out from it.

It can draw you in slowly or swiftly, but as you plunge through it, into the darkness of your mind, it can cause an avalanche of desperation and fear. Suddenly you don’t see light around you, suddenly those reassurances from family “it will all be OK” don’t bring comfort anymore, suddenly you are spiraling downwards.

“The complete loss or absence of hope” is how despair is defined.

I’ve been there, many times and I still visit once in a while…..It takes a few visits to this place to know that this definition, this feeling of hopelessness is only true in THAT moment in time. It can be very overwhelming, very debilitating and it takes courage to acknowledge and act on it. However after a few visits you know you don’t have to stay long if you can grab onto to a few hooks along the way.

What hooks we may ask? There is no magic bullet, no wand to wave away despair. The think-feel-act-believe-repeat approach could seem an uninspiring set of actions individually, but they can work wonders if followed:

  • Think: This is a phase, it IS going to pass. If we know anything about life, it is that it is forever changing. As one of my favorite songs go…“Nothing lasts forever…” 
  • Feel: Count your blessings. Happiness= gratitude. Make a list of everything that you are still grateful for..“and it will surprise you what the Lord has done.” 
  • Act: Know that no matter how bad, how difficult, how lonely the day has been, there is always something YOU CAN DO about it. It could be in needle point shifts, it  in large leaps, but there is something to move forward to. Start with what is in your locus of control, don’t attempt to change the world…just yet. In fact, if you can find a way to help others as you work through your own adversities its amazing how it can uplift you #giftthelight
  • Believe: I am a believer in God and in serendipity….put those together and you know that God is watching over you, so there is always hope.

If you have the right intentions, it DOES NOT matter who you are, what you’ve done, where you are or what you are going through, there is always hope. Hope for a better tomorrow, hope for a better future, hope that there will be light….

“There is no love of life without despair of life.” Albert Camus

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