Go On, Cross The Bridge When You Come To It….

“Your problem is to bridge the gap which exists between where you are now and the goal you intend to reach.” Earl Nightingale

….And normally what lies in that gap is a problem. So when you face a problem, go at it, go through it..don’t run away from it.

That pile up at work that you don’t want to address, that difficult problem that seems to be growing, that uncomfortable conversation that you know you need to have but just don’t want to, that job change that you know is inevitable but you are hoping your boss is going to quit anyday……face it, (wo)man up and face it.

The most effective way into the future is to take action, else normally the future just happens to us any way. The problems that stand between you and where you want to go are there to shape and shine and teach us invaluable things. Yes, it’s often difficult, it’s sometimes downright ugly and heartbreaking….but everyone is dealt from the same pack of life cards. Everything you need to face it with is within you, its for you to dig deep and harness it. When God chooses you, you may not have the choice to be chosen, but you do have the choice to make the journey count.

Remember, it’s there for a reason and it’s there only for a season. As soon as you learn the reason, the season will pass. So, when you face a problem, go at it, go through it..don’t run away from it. Think of it, as the toll you pay on life’s great journey.  #giftthelight

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