The Bonsai Life….

If you have ever looked beyond the aesthetic beauty of a Bonsai tree, its easy to see the enormous wonder that it is really represents.

A large tree forced into a tiny pot, a full life that is cut to a miniature version, the stunting of possible growth, wounded and chopped to change the course of its life, pruned and trimmed every time it healed its wounds and forced into a prison of wires and molds to force its path as desired by its creator.


Does your life ever feel like that of a Bonsai? Forced into situations that limit your full potential, your freedom? Feeling like you get knocked down just as you manage to heal all your past wounds? Waking up one day and finding out that the chains of circumstance have shaped you in a direction you may not have wanted? Feeling like you mourn ‘what could be’ instead of being able to enjoy ‘what is’?

Step back, and look again. Bonsai is a specific art form focused on the careful growth and shaping of individual trees in a container. It’s a beautiful, living, work of art, prized by its creator and admired by everyone who looks upon it. The result of the hard work of its creator and also of the tree itself – in focusing on growth every time its cut down, in finding a way to grow within its confines, in staying alive with very limited resources.

Applying that to our lives – all you have to do is keep growing, keep pushing forward, keep believing that no matter what life gives or takes from you, you can not just survive but thrive. Flourishing bonsai’s gain admiration not sympathy. Growth in life, like in Bonsai takes commitment, sincerity,  respect for life and sensitivity. However most of all it takes time.  Inch by inch, root by root, sprout by sprout, things will bloom in the end. Just keep going. #giftthelight

Bonsai (“tray planting”) is a Japanese pronunciation of the earlier Chinese term “penzai”. This Japanese tradition dates back over a thousand years, and uses cultivation techniques to produce small trees in containers that mimic the shape and size of full size trees. 

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