Five Minutes For Fulfillment

Your days are packed, your schedules are full, you do SO much daily…

You’ve read all the books that teach you to live in the moment, to seek happiness in each day…

You know that in the relative scheme of things, you are blessed with the necessities of life…

…And yet, you don’t feel fulfilled. It could be in your career, in your relationships, in your day to day life. Days sometimes seem busy in action, yet empty in meaning.

In coaching sessions, especially in the Fulfillment Model that I coach with, fulfillment is a popular topic. Fulfillment is often misunderstood to be that far away state. To be achieved when you attain X or give up Y or earn Z.

There are great articles out there that talk about fulfillment. How it is found by living in the moment, how it is a mindset, how the patience to take the journey is what makes it happen. Yet, despite all the resources consumed or all the talks listened to, applying it doesn’t seem to work as easily for many people.

Here are my five tips to finding fulfillment. In just 5 minutes!

1.Your quest for fulfillment should be for today. Dreaming about a future state to provide satisfaction is the same as wishing on a star and hoping it comes true. To make things happen, you got to do the work. So basically, plan for the future but live for the day.

2. Spend 5 minutes every morning: Ask yourself “By 9 PM tonight, what would make me feel fulfilled?” Visualize, when the day is done  what would you have achieved to say that today was a fulfilling day?

3. Aim for 1 or 2 things to be completed each day. Maybe that big project you have been putting off? Or that long pending chat with your parents. Or spending quality time playing with your child. Or making a plan of what you will do in the coming weeks. Or an act of kindness for someone you know who needs it. It doesn’t matter whether its big or small, just that the achievement of that task would give you a sense of satisfaction. Keep it practical and doable, so you set yourself up for success.

4. Think about your life purpose. How can you bring it to life in accomplishing those 1 or 2 goals you identified?  It may be in what you do or how you are doing. Maybe tiny shifts or big actions – keep moving forward. P.S: If you haven’t figured out your life purpose yet, what are you waiting for? Discover it now!

5. If you can spare another 5 minutes at the end of the day, reflect with gratitude on what was accomplished. Focus on the positive and it will expand.   

Finding fulfillment is in the being and the doing of daily life– in the mundane, everyday tasks and not in far away goals. And the best part? Just 5 minutes can make it real. Every day!

I’d love to hear how you find fulfillment in your life!                           

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