“Every choice I make, is a choice which shapes me”

I love mornings. That time of the day before the world fully awakens, fresh air, gentle sunlight, chirping birds and all is quiet. My garden, a hot cup of tea and me. Bliss!

I also love morning for another special reason. No matter what I painted up with my life yesterday, today is a blank canvas. For me to make it my own masterpiece.

I can choose to be kinder today. I can choose to work harder. I can choose to be grateful. I can choose to be more of who I really want to be. I can choose to make it a fulfilling day.

We often forget the options we still have within our rigorous schedules and patterns. We believe there are boxes around us that define who we are and how we behave. However, those boxes are often of our own making.  

No one said you cannot find time for reflection because you have a busy day. No one said you have to withhold love because you are angry. No one said you have to ignore your neighbor because they ignore you. No one said you have to be serious parent to have disciplined children. No one said you cannot pick up the phone and call someone you didn’t connect with for years.

There will always be work to be done, chores to complete,office calls to attend, bills to be paid and problems to be solved. If you are rushing through each day, bound by routines, pause and reflect. You make the rules!Who do you want to be as you get on with all that you have to do?

  • Instead of getting out of bed and racing through the morning feeling stressed, choose five minutes to define what your day should be like.
  • Stop for a moment to smell the flowers while you hurry to hang out the laundry.
  • Turn up your music as you navigate bad traffic, take your eyes off the endless lines of cars and listen to the song instead.
  • Take a moment to hug a co-worker as you race ahead to the next meeting.
  • Spend your lunch hour appreciating the best dish versus criticizing a hundred others.
  • Send your pesky neighbor a slice of cake and surprise them with your thoughtfulness
  • Call your mom while you wait in the queue to pay for parking
  • Let go the uncertainty about the future and decide to focus on the present
  • Get down on your knees and thank God for the normal, boring,ordinary days
  • Hug someone you are angry with and tell them you still love them while being angry
  • On a day when you are sad, nourish your heart by showing a random act of kindness

At every moment of every day, you make choices. Choices that shape your days, days that soon turn into weeks and weeks that make thoughts and thoughts that make patterns and patterns that make habits and endless loops. Let go the loops that drag you down. Make choices that drive hope and happiness. Make choices that honor who you are.

Remember, it’s your reality. You make the rules. What’s more – you get to do it all over again tomorrow morning!

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