Life Workshops #GiftTheLight

When you are happy, the world around you is happy. When you live your life in congruence with who you are, you live a life of no regret. When you find what’s authentic and unique in you, you can spread that light to the entire world.

We spend our whole life becoming great at our jobs, our hobbies, our relationships and yet, sometimes, we are oblivious to what best serves our own selves.

The Light-A-Light Workshops are intended to help you bring out the best in you and help you live an authentic life with a sense of fulfillment. What you experience here is something you will carry for a long while and be able to deploy at any time.

Sign up to the workshops in the order they are listed. This is an investment in yourself!

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01 Person
The Person Workshop is all about Self Discovery!
It’s a magical journey into your deepest self and a discovery of your pure potential. It forms the foundation for all future 1-1 coaching as well as Light-A-Light Workshops. This is a deep and memorable experience that will help you (re)discover your true self and one that you will remember for a long time to come! 
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02 Power
The Power Workshop Is A Deep and Effective Self Assessment!
From career to health to relationships and finances, identify all the areas that are thriving and the ones that need attention and action. This workshop is hugely beneficial in goal setting and planning, equipping you with some methodologies you can use lifelong. Map out your life and power it up to shine brighter!
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03 Presence

The Presence Workshop is all about Self Confidence.
Everyone has a presence, an energy that is either uplifting or draining, positive or negative. Most people are unaware of the energy they share, which often lingers on even in their absence. The power of that presence is invisibly significant. Whether it’s at work, home or in life, your presence shapes your future. The good news is that presence can be managed. This workshop helps break down the elusive understanding of presence and provides tips on how you can shine ever brighter.
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04 Purpose
Purpose: The reason we are. This workshop is about Self Actualization
Originally coined by Kurt Goldstein, a German neurologist and psychiatrist who created a holistic theory of the organism, self actualization is best defined as the fulfillment of one’s greatest potential.  This workshop looks at Life as the quality of meaningful being and provides practical tips on how it can be enhanced. 
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